About us


Our Mission

To help our clients on the way to financial freedom and responsibility.


Our History - and how we operate

Tshelete Thuso has been in existence since 1994. For 18 years we have served our clients with pride and dignity.


We started off in the Southdale shopping Centre and that office is still operational in its original location.


Our Midrand branch opened soon afterwards, in Midrand City.


This was the early days of Cash Loans and at that time you could find a cash loan facility on every corner. There were over 30 cash loans in the Midrand CBD, at one point.


We were one of the founder members of the MFSA that started to regulate the industry. In early 2000, the credit regulator came into effect and a lot of bad apples fell away. We did not hesitate to register with the regulator and comply with the rules of the NCR.


We were one of the first companies to implement the Nu-pay system to collect payment from our clients. For our clients’ convenience, we also use the Real-Pay system.


Our clients are our most important asset and we consider them before we make any business decisions. Our clients are a lot more than just numbers. We have a massive client base who supports us and who we are very thankful to.


Even with massive competition from the large banks, we still manage to grow our business.


Our simple concept is putting our clients first. Help - but stick to the rules of the NCR and don’t allow people to exceed the debt that they can manage to pay for.


We are unique in the sense that we only do payday advance loans. Our clients have a range of options regarding how they want the money paid out to them. We recognize each client’s unique requirements, putting our clients first.


We embarked on a strategy to expand our business model to other areas where there is a need for professional services with the human touch. (Such as X for example).





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