Financial Advice


Something to think about.

  1. BUDGET BUDGET. Know what you earn, what you will need to pay for, and what is left to allocate to what you want buy – (even if it might take several months of saving for). The money that you save on avoiding interest on debt will help to pay for other things later. Try this Budget Planner.

  3. Don’t solve short term cash flow problems with long term loans. The longer the term of the loan the more interest, so the more you are going to pay back.

  5. Think twice before you approach somebody for a reconciliation loan - you can end up paying a lot more.

  7. The best way to save is to pay off debt. If you pay a little extra on your bond you can cut the period down by years and end up saving a lot of interest payments.

  9. Always be responsible when you consider entering into a debt agreement. Think it through. Make sure you can afford it. Be honest with yourself.

  11. When entering into debt, use it positively for things that you really need and not just for things you want but could live without.

  13. No need to save money on the one hand but borrow at much higher rates to afford the saving on the other hand.

  15. Never borrow money to impress others. YOU are responsible for the repayments.

  17. Ask advice.



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